• Anna-Lee Chapman

Thursday Thoughts July 23, 2020

Sharing some weekly favorites!

This is my amazon favorite lately, I love this nail kit for $14

This cute floral top is smocked and has cute sleeves & on sale for $39!

I wore this cotton maxi dress last night in black, it is so soft, comfy and looked very flattering. Also comes in 4 other colors.

I didn't learn how to tie dye during quarantine, so I love this $25 shirt for my tie dye uneducated self.

During last weeks Abercrombie & Fitch sale I found this linen-blend dress that would be perfect for work and it comes in 3 patterns.

I have used Liquid IV packets in my water for almost a year, I love the results & the flavors taste good, I always drink one before going out drinking too! I like the passion fruit and lemon lime flavors for the hydration multipliers & the lemon ginger flavor is good for the energy booster! CLICK HERE to receive 25% off your order & free shipping. Code ANNALEESADVENTURES


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