• Anna-Lee Chapman

Thursday Thoughts March 5, 2020

One of my favorite sales is going on right now. The ShopBop buy more, save more sale with code SPRING can save you up to 25%. I'm a shoe fanatic so I wanted to share my picks with you. None of these shoes you can go wrong with, they're are comfortable and perfect for all seasons.

1. Sandals under $60

2. Golden Goose Sneakers

3. Veja Sneakers

4. Mules

5. APL slip on workout shoes

6. Light tan Mules

7. Darker Mules

8. Peach Platform Sneakers

9. Velcro Veja Sneakers

10. Espadrille Sneakers

11. Veja with dark sole

Revolve always has a a lot on sale but I just found this cute dress on sale and can't wait to wear it this Spring.

Still loving these $15 amazon sunglasses that make me look like the 5th member of The Beatles...

I didn't discover these but have heard so many people talk about Flyby pills for avoiding hangovers. Coming from someone who has the worst hangovers from 3 drinks, I can promise you these are worth buying.

Reading this article again and again so I can remember to cut back on my sugar intake.

Since we all apparently are perceived by the media as idiots who don't know how to wash our hands here's a little reminder of how to wash successfully.


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