• Anna-Lee Chapman

Thursday Thoughts January 30, 2020


THE FINAL THURSDAY OF JANUARY! Goodness, I feel like this month has lasted forever!! I've done a round up of my favorite things I've used this month for you all.

I just ordered this shirt for MARDI GRAS.

I've been working on my Vision Board for 2020, using this for the frame.

These blue light glasses were a must since I'm always on my computer or looking at my phone. Added bonus, they make you look like a Harvard scholar & free shipping. Win Win.

I love throwing on a blue jean jacket over anything, this one is my go to and under $30, fully stocked still! (The small shipping fee is worth it!)

I'm painting my nails white this week for the first time ever & then just found this article for nail colors for 2020! I'll be on trend now!

These sandals look like Valentino shoes! They are so cute and I plan on wearing them all Spring & Summer. Size up!

How to have a better Monday morning...I'm printing this article for my vision board!

50 dishes you can bring to a Super Bowl Party!

And if you haven't seen The Shirley Temple King's instagram, click here, it's too cute!


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